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Ridgewood High School Cheerleaders
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Information on our captains, what is expected of a Ridgewood captain, photographs, and other related topics of interest will be included on this page.

Soon you will see a short biography about each captain, their cheer experience, what they envision for their squads, goals, expectations, and so on.

This page is under construction!





1. Lead by example


2. Be a role model


3. Work WITH the Coach


4. Support you teammates


5. Remember the Coach has the final say


6. Encourage everyone


7. Treat others as equals


8. Work hard


9. Stay focused


10. Keep positive - even when frustrated


11. Respect others and their opinions


12. Show leadership


13. Listen to ideas


14. Be there for your teammates


15. Make it fun


16. Believe in the squad and make it your mission for others to believe in the squad


17. Know what you're doing


18. Be devoted to the team


19. Be at practices early


20. If someone needs help, be the first to volunteer


21. Think in terms of "we", not "I"


22. Stay motivated


23. Respect yourself


24. Encourage teamwork


25. Be able to take criticism


26. Voice your opinions tactfully


27. Realize that everyone is different and NO ONE is perfect


28. Be friends with your teammates


29. Respect your Coach


30. Get organized


31. Have goals and promote goals


32. Ask for help when you need it


33. Remember that sometimes you'll need to make sacrifices


34. Give suggestions when something needs fixed




1. Go on a power trip. This position is not set in stone


2. Argue with the Coach


3. Talk negatively about your teammates at any time


4. Fight what you cannot change


5. Give up


6. Give in


7. Be a snob


8. Slack off


9. Be selfish


10. Forget that you aren't the one who can make rules or give demerits


11. Criticize your teammates all the time


12. Criticize without being constructive


13. Put down your teammates


14. Ignore your teammates and Coach


15. Have an attitude


16. Bring personal issues to practice


17. Fight with your teammates


18. Choose favorites


19. Miss practices


20. Talk behind your teammates or Coach's back


21. Try to take the place of your Coach


22. Forget you REPRESENT the team, not dictate to them


23. Lie to the team or Coach


24. Be judgmental


25. Be controlling


26. Take responsibility for everything that happens. That's the Coach's job!


27. Push your captain duties off to other people