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THOUGHTS ON "I'LL TRY"..........

When you say I'll try, you are excusing failure in advance. Replace it with I'm doing it or, if it is a goal that's not immediately in your grasp, say I'm learning to do it. If all you are going to do is try, you don't really want it bad enough to make it worth the effort.

Thoughts on Attitude, Failure, and Change...

The only thing that determines how well a person does or how far a person goes in life is ATTITUDE. Attitude is not only important...attitude is EVERYTHING! Well, since we know that having a positive mental attitude is important, why do so many people have bad attitudes? It's simple; most people don't know where attitudes come from.

Attitudes come from our expectations about the outcomes of situations. If we expect things to work out well we have a good attitude. If we expect things to turn out poorly we have a bad attitude. It's just that simple. But here is the key element in this equation: winners make a habit of creating their outcomes in advance of the situation. Yes, winners MANUFACTURE their own positive expectations in ADVANCE! This is the method that all winners use to keep their minds focused on the things that they want to have, be or do and off the things that they don't want.

A positive mental attitude is absolutely essential for experiencing consistent success. Make a habit of simply expecting the best out of everything you do and also expect the best of those important people around you. Negative expectations are the cause of more failed relationships than almost anything else. So, get your attitude right...expect the best!







Every now and then something really good appears on the TV screen. Last week while watching a sporting event, a commercial came on that struck me as being very important. It starred Michael Jordan and he was relating how he had lost over 8000 games in his career and taken 26 game-winning shots...and missed. He continued on this theme in order to make the point that his success was due in great part to his ability to learn from FAILURE.

What a great truth this is. All successful men and women in business, politics, medicine, you name it, all understand this great truth. Failure is the essential element for success. It's through failure that we learn the REAL success lessons. Some say we need to tolerate, we need to embrace failure, understand it's role in our eventual successes. You see, to tolerate is to endure, to put up with it, so to speak. No, we need to EMBRACE it. Imagine that each failure is a signpost that, if you follow the sign (not try to avoid or go around it) it will lead you DIRECTLY to your goal. This is the great truth.

To follow the sign (failure) you must examine the failure, find out what you can learn from it so that you can get better. Some people think that if they try and fail, it's a sign that they're not supposed to have what they're going after. The reality is, it's only an indication that you have more to learn. And when you learn it, you'll be better. Sometimes one of my students will make a mistake and say: I'm sorry! I usually reply with my motto: Don't be sorry, be better. Get better by keeping your head up and learning from your mistakes and failures.

And remember this; there is no failure unless you give up. Do three things: one, keep your eyes on you aiming point, two, take action and get started and finally, learn from your mistakes and treat your failures as nothing more than opportunities to more intelligently begin again.






Stephen Covey said, If we keep doing what we we're doing, we're going to keep getting what we were getting. Brian Tracey wrote, The more you do of what you're doing, the more you get of what you got. Well, I guess what they're both saying is, if you want to get a different result, you have to do something different first. In other words.....CHANGE.

Uhmmm, change is scary. Change is frightening. We often fear change because we think we will be worse off as a result of the change than we were before the change. (BOSS STATEMENT) Yet change of all kinds is inevitable. But, you can ensure that change will always be for the better if you control the direction of change rather than allowing change to control you.

Question, What happens to water at 211 degrees Fahrenheit? Well, not much really. It gets hot and may have a few small pinpoint bubbles, but for the most part it just lays there in the pot...

But, just add one more degree and the same water begins to boil. This is an increase in heat of less than one-half of the percent. But look at the change it generates. Peter Vidmar, the great American gymnast said, that in the 1984 Olympics he missed winning a silver medal by 25 one thousandths of a point, a difference half as great as the differences between hot water and steam. The great racehorse, John Henry won all of his races over a ten-year span and also won over seven million dollars for his owners. His nearest competitor over the same span finished second and won only 600 thousand dollars for his owners... even though he lost by an average of only 3 tenths of a second per race.

This point - Well it should be jumping out at you by order to make BIG changes in yourself, you don't have to change anything big. Look to make a small change, big changes are intimidating, scary. I don't know about you, but, I feel I can handle something small. Small changes make big differences.

And one more thing you can do to take control of change. Institute change when things are going well. Some people say - If it's not broke don't fix it. If you wait till it's broke to fix it so much is lost during the down time, you lose your momentum, your focus. Things are so much easier to change when they're not broke. That's why I say, You don't have to be sick to get better.









Words to think about from Mr. Weisberg:

"As you practice, you become.
I will try my best - everywhere! Not just in cheerleading.
If you practice halfway, then you become halfway and perform halfway.
If you practice seriously, strong, and efficiently - then you will become this.
Do not accept average!

Twenty One Steps to Success

Marry the right person the first time

Work at something that is worthy of your talent

Cheerfully give people more than they expect

Become the most positive person you know

Be forgiving of yourself and others

Be generous

Have a grateful heart

Be persistent

Discipline yourself to save money

Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated

Commit yourself to continuous improvement

Be quality conscious

Respect the feelings of others

Be loyal

Be honest

Take responsibility for the good and the bad

Be a self motivator

Be decisive even when it means taking chances

If you have the ability to lead, lead

Take the best care of those you love

Dont do anything to make Mom ashamed