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Junior Varsity
Varsity Stunts
Junior Varsity Stunts
Varsity And JV
Navy Pier Competition
Harwood Heights Festival
Comiskey Park
Comiskey Park - page 2
Pep Assembly
Pep Assembly - Varsity
Pep Assembly - Junior Varsity
Camp 2002
Camp Bus
RHS Hosts Clinic
All - Stars
Spirit Sticks
Car Wash
Freshman Orientation
Varsity - Fun
Olivia B.
Samantha B.
Patricia D.
Krysanna H.
Aneta K.
Ashley L.
Valerie L.
Meghan M.
Katie M.
Cassandra M.
Lauren O.
Karolina P.
Christina R.
Catherine S.
Jessica W.
Junior Varsity - Fun
Mary Jo B.
Catherine C.
Michelle D.
Hilary H.
Cynthia K.
Kamila M.
Kathy M.
Elyssa P.
Melissa P.
Allison R.
Gianna S.
Robie V.
Ridgewood High School Cheerleading Photo Album
Camp 2002

  • Ridgewood's Cheerleading Program is selected as the most improved of all the squads. This is the most prestigious award any squad can receive because this is what you come to camp for.
  • JV Squad selected best Junior Varsity squad at camp
  • JV squad qualifies to perform at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida
  • Katie M. (Varsity) selected as an All-Star...Qualifies to cheer in London, England
  • Catherine C. (Junior Varsity) selected as an All-Star...Qualifies to cheer in Florida, at Disneyworld 

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