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THOUGHTS ON "I'LL TRY"..........

When you say I'll try, you are excusing failure in advance. Replace it with I'm doing it or, if it is a goal that's not immediately in your grasp, say I'm learning to do it. If all you are going to do is try, you don't really want it bad enough to make it worth the effort.



Words to think about from Mr. Weisberg:

"As you practice, you become.
I will try my best - everywhere! Not just in cheerleading.
If you practice halfway, then you become halfway and perform halfway.
If you practice seriously, strong, and efficiently - then you will become this.
Do not accept average!

Twenty One Steps to Success

Marry the right person the first time

Work at something that is worthy of your talent

Cheerfully give people more than they expect

Become the most positive person you know

Be forgiving of yourself and others

Be generous

Have a grateful heart

Be persistent

Discipline yourself to save money

Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated

Commit yourself to continuous improvement

Be quality conscious

Respect the feelings of others

Be loyal

Be honest

Take responsibility for the good and the bad

Be a self motivator

Be decisive even when it means taking chances

If you have the ability to lead, lead

Take the best care of those you love

Dont do anything to make Mom ashamed