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The Cheerleading Squad shall be known as the Rebels Cheerleaders.


1.1   It shall be the purpose of the Rebels Cheerleaders to promote and uphold team spirit for Ridgewood High School, to develop good sportsmanship by example, to support athletic programs, and to develop good relations in the community and between teams and squads during athletic events. The squads goal is to work in harmony with the coaches, captains, and school administrators, other athletic teams and sporting organizations.


  A cheerleader candidate must support the Ridgewood Rebels above all other teams.
2.2   A candidate must be neatly presented, medically fit, courteous, have integrity, and persevere.

2.3   A candidate may be male or female.
2.4   Acceptance of a candidate shall be on the basis of ability, potential, the coaches agreement, and acceptance of the squad rules.

2.5   A cheerleader must maintain acceptable grades and acceptable behavior in school.


The Rebels Cheerleaders consist of two squads, a Junior Varsity and a Varsity squad. Additional members may be admitted and allowed to fill regular squad positions as they reach performing proficiency or as vacancies occur.
3.2   The entire Junior Varsity and Varsity squads will cheer at all home and away games. The squads will also participate in camps, clinics, promotions, fundraisers, community and charity events, and any other functions as may be designated by the coaches based on event requirements and travel arrangements.


  All cheerleaders will attend practices at all home and away games. Ridgewood Rebels games and practices take precedence over all other events, including jobs, personal plans, and other athletics.
4.2   Summer Camp: All cheerleaders, including coaches, are required to attend camp as a squad.

4.3   Clinics: All cheerleaders, including coaches, are required to attend clinics as a squad.
4.4   Competitions: The squad as a group will decide to enter a competition. If the majority decide to compete, the entire squad will do so
4.5   Social Activities: All members are required to attend. Advance notice of non-attendance is required.
4.6   Team activities other than Games: All members are required to attend. Advance notice of non-attendance is required.
4.7   If any other activities or opportunities are chosen by the coaches, the coaches shall decide if the event is mandatory or optional. Reasonable notice of all such activities/opportunities will be given for mandatory events, and as early as possible for others.

4.8   Excused absences can only be obtained by notifying the coaches personally.



5.1   Uniforms and other clothes and supplies: Each member will be required to purchase certain items of clothing/uniform. The initial financial responsibility will be on the cheerleader. Total reimbursement through fundraising will be available.  These costs will be itemized.

5.2   Summer Camp/Clinics: The cheerleader is responsible for the cost of attending. Fundraiser projects will be available to assist those participating.
5.3   Transportation: The coaches/school will be responsible for supplying game/event transportation, although for special games/events the cheerleaders may be required to pay a proportion towards the cost. Such costs will be notified in advance. Cheerleaders will make their own way to and from practice. Practice transportation will only be provided where practical and/or necessary at the discretion of the coaches.

5.4   Competitions: The squad/cheerleaders will bear the cost of competition entry. Members will bear transportation costs to cover any bus, etc.
5.5   Members will provide their own refreshments when not provided by the school/coaches or event organizers. Only if time permits will stopping at a restaurant be an option prior to arriving at a game or event. Punctuality at any destination takes precedence over everything.

  A Tryout will consist of performing designated skills in front of squad members and coaches. A decision by the coaches for acceptance will be taken.
6.2   Tryouts will normally be held approximately at the conclusion of the basketball season or in the spring prior to the start of cheerleading squad training for the next school year, but may additionally be conducted at other times at the discretion of the coaches.
6.3   The format of the Tryouts will be decided by the coaches, and will be held in a fair and open manner conducive to allowing each candidate to show her/his best abilities and potential.


7.1   The Rebels Cheerleaders will either have one Captain and one Assistant Captain for each squad or multiple Captains for each squad. Candidates must have at least one year of experience as a Rebels Cheerleader and have attended at least one summer Camp.

7.2   The duties and responsibilities of each captain and assistant will be determined by the coaches as the tasks and needs arise.
7.3   Senior members might perform the duties of treasurer, secretary, and other designated positions. At that time it will be the judgement of the coaches that decides whether or not these responsibilities are passed on to approved candidates under coaches supervision.


The coaches are responsible for:
8.1   Ensuring that safety is the top priority at all times, and emergency contact lists are kept up to date and present at all times.
8.2   The safety and conduct guidelines of the Illinois High School Association are followed and upheld.
8.2   Organizing and arranging practice schedules, meetings, equipment, practice facilities, travel and events.
8.3   Requiring proper uniforms and appearance of the cheerleaders.


  Sets an example to the rest of the squad by following the rules and regulations of the Rebels Cheerleaders. The Captains will set an example by doing more than her/his share.
9.2   Be at practice early and start practice on time.
9.3   Lead cheers, chants, and stunts to be used at games and events. The squad should make suggestions, but the decision shall be by the Captains and coaches.
9.4   Act as a peacemaker in case of disagreements.

9.5   Speak and act positively to promote harmony within the squads.
9.6   Coordinate the designing, coloring, painting and hanging of signs, locker posters, and other items for games, homecoming, pep assemblies, and the similar functions.
9.7   Be responsible for welcoming visiting squads and setting a good example of friendliness to other cheerleaders.
9.8   Keep the crowd cheering and keep the cheerleaders excited, energized, cheering at all times, and in proper formation during games.
9.9   Show no partiality within the squad and strive for fairness and harmony.

9.10   Be open to suggestions from the entire squad.

9.11   Bring all squad problems to the attention of the coaches so that the coaches may help the squad run smoothly. Whenever possible, conflicts will be discussed with the coaches and the entire squad.

9.12   In the event the Captain is not able to perform his/her duties, the Assistant Captain will do so.


  To set by the coaches.
10.2   All cheerleaders are required to be punctual and attend all practice sessions unless valid reasons are notified to the coaches in advance.

10.3   All cheerleaders will be dressed in approved practice attire, wear proper shoes, and be ready to practice by the time it is scheduled to start.

10.4   Practices are a time to be serious. Practice time is also to be used efficiently. Any misuse of time will not be tolerated.


  Uniforms and other clothes and supplies will be required for all cheerleaders. Uniforms, etc. will be purchased by the time frame designated by the coaches. The squad may decide by majority vote to purchase additional or replacement uniform items from squad funds, fundraisers, sponsorship, etc, with the approval of the coaches.
11.2   Any uniform, etc. which is not owned by the cheerleader that is returned damaged and deemed unusable by the coaches must be paid for at replacement cost by the cheerleader in whose care it was given.
11.3   Only official squad clothing may be worn over the uniform or in place of the uniform. Uniforms and other squad clothing will only be worn for events as designated by the coaches.
11.4   Cheerleaders in uniform or wearing any item of squad or school identification must always conduct themselves in a manner becoming to a Rebels Cheerleader.

11.5   Only approved clothing, such as camp clothes, RHS clothes, or other approved workout clothes, will be worn during practices.  

11.6   Any taping of wrists, ankles, and other preparations will be completed prior to the time all cheerleaders are to perform, practice, or meet. Taking off such preparations will not be done prior to the conclusion of the event.


  For safety reasons jewelry, watches, and other items designated by IHSA rules will not be worn with the uniform or at practice.
12.2   Uniforms consist of cheer shoes, white socks, briefs, skirt, shell top, body suit, sweater, warm-ups, and any other clothing as determined by the coaches. Male cheerleading uniforms will be determined as the need arises. Uniforms must be kept spotless at all times.

12.3   There will not be any additions or deletions to the uniforms without the coaches approval.

12.4   If a cheerleader arrives at an event without the entire uniform as required, it will be determined by the coaches if she/he will be allowed to participate.
12.5   Makeup should be natural and not excessive.
12.6   All hairstyles must be neat and secured up out of the face, not needing attention (combing, etc) while performing.
12.7   Cheerleaders should look their best at all times, especially when in uniform or travelling.


  Squad members are required to maintain and uphold the reputation of Ridgewood High School and the Rebels Cheerleaders through their own conduct and squad spirit.
13.2   Members are required to be courteous, polite, friendly, and try to have a smile for everybody.
13.3   All cheers, chants, and stunts shall be of a positive and sportsmanlike manner.
13.4  Members will make every attempt to ignore or dissuade negative responses at events and not become involved in such action themselves.

13.5   Appropriate behavior on the bus will be followed as explained by the coaches and school policy.

13.6   Squad members must cooperate with the coaches, captains, assistant captains, game officials, teachers, and other squad members at all times.

13.7   Squad members must stay with the squad throughout the entire game except with the permission of the coaches.

13.8   Squad members must notify the coach if she/he needs to leave the formation, field, court, or practice location.

13.9   Squad members may not be able to cheer if she/he does not come prepared.


  All cheerleaders will participate in all fundraising projects per year. The money raised will be used to fund additional agreed expenses during the year such as extra items, equipment, and clinics. Donations to, and fundraising for, Rebels team funds or charity projects may be conducted as agreed by the squad and coaches.
14.2   All fundraising activities will be approved by the majority of the squad and with the approval of the coaches.


  It shall be squad policy that disciplinary action will only be invoked as a last resort, and that every reasonable attempt will be made to avoid situations likely to lead to such action through squad discussion and positive encouragement, by example, and by finding ways and means to correct negative trends.
15.2   A cheerleader may be suspended from games/events for the following reasons:
Unexcused absence, excessive absence or tardiness, failure to cooperate with coaches, failure to abide by squad rules and regulations, or other reasons as determined by the coaches.
15.3   A cheerleader may be dismissed from the squad for the following reasons: Excessive and irreconcilable disruptive influence on the squad, or conduct likely to bring the squad or school reputation into disrepute.

15.4   1st violation and/or unexcused absence:  suspension to participate in the next game or activity.

2nd violation and/or unexcused absence: suspension to participate in the next game or activity and parent will be contacted.

3rd violation and/or unexcused absence:  suspension from the squad and parent will be notified.

15.5   All absences must be excused. Excuses are left to the discretion of the coaches. An excused absence is subject to verification. If you cannot contact one of the coaches, leave a voice mail. This does not mean that you are automatically excused.

15.6   Tardiness to any game, practice, activity, or function will not be tolerated unless a valid reason can be given. 3 tardies will translate into a .5 unexcused absence.

15.7   All final decisions are ultimately up to the coaches and sometimes might necessitate being made on a case-by-case basis based on given circumstances and the coaches professional judgement.



16.1   I fully understand the above guidelines and agree to abide by them and all coaches decisions, whether they are included in the above guidelines or not. I also understand what is expected of me as a Ridgewood High School Cheerleader, whether it is included in the above guidelines or not.



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