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The Cheerleaders Have Arrived

From the Rebellion, our school newspaper, dated May 2002.


What group at Ridgewood tripled their membership between March and now? This question was included in the announcements recently. The answer is your RHS Cheerleaders. The rise in popularity, school spirit, and the number of students who want to be a Ridgewood Cheerleader has been tremendous. The Cheerleaders have one of the two largest squads our school has seen in years. There are 15 members on the Varsity squad and 13 members on the Junior Varsity squad.


The girls have been working very hard. There were two days of clinics and one day of tryouts to determine the squads. Immediately after that, the Cheerleaders started practicing after school for next season. Two major fundraisers were initiated, car washes were planned, clinics were scheduled, and other activities were arranged. Summer practices will be held a minimum of two times every week during the summer. Arrangements for going away to camp were also made. The Cheerleaders will be attending a four-day camp at the University Of Illinois toward the end of July. A demonstration and clinic is planned at the Harwood Heights Fest on August 25th. Also included are of course social functions and team building activities throughout the summer.


Captains for both squads will be chosen soon. But the Cheerleaders new uniforms are already chosen. Ridgewood will see stunning new uniforms for the Varsity squad, and warm-up suits for both squads, besides other accessories. Signs, flags, megaphones, posters, a possible school mascot, and anything else will be used to motivate out athletic teams and the crowd this coming year.


Ridgewoods sports teams, student body, administrators, and community members will be in for a nice surprise when next years sports season begins. The Cheerleaders will do everything they can to solidify the concept of home field advantage. At away games the Cheerleaders will make the players feel like they are playing a home game. School spirit like you have never seen before is one goal and statement the Cheerleaders would like to follow and stick with this coming school year.


The following Cheerleaders comprise the Varsity squad:   Olivia Biezychudek, Samantha Bodnar, Patricia DeDios, Krysanna Horan, Aneta Kozak, Ashley Lenardi, Valerie Lopez,  Meghan Matthews, Katie Mazerkiewicz, Cassandra Mazur, Lauren Ocasio, Karolina Pacholek, Christina Reinicke, Catherine Smith, and Jessica Welninski.


The following Cheerleaders comprise the Junior varsity squad:  Kimberly Bart,  Mary Jo Becker, Catherine Crosoli, Michelle Dubil, Hilary Hatton, Cynthia Kozak, Kamila Mikula, Kathy Mistal, Elyssa Pavone, Melissa Perez, Allison Retzke, Gianna Scarsella, and Robie Velabco.


Good luck to all the Cheerleaders for the coming year. We hope you will support our athletic teams and your spirit squads. The Cheerleaders and their coach, Mr. Weisberg, have and will work very hard to make this coming school year one that starts a new chapter in school spirit and in all our teams successes.